Review of Question Performance

  • The raw data are received by the Chair of the Standards Setting Group 2 to 4 days after the EECC exam
  • The anonymous data are then sent to the statistician at the EECC’s academic partner for analysis
  • The Chair of the Standard Setting Group performs an initial data analysis to identify MCQs which may be performing poorly
  • The data on potentially poorly performing MCQs are reviewed by the Standard Setting Group via teleconference web meeting and leads discussion on the exclusion of items from the exam
  • The Chair of the Standard Setting Group instructs the statistician on any items to exclude prior to a rerun of the analysis and, in collaboration with the statistician prepares, the data and for final analysis and presentation

Confirmation of the Pass Mark

  • The analysis of performance is reviewed at the EECC Board meeting in July
  • The Chair of the Standard Setting Group presents the data and answers any questions
  • The final pass mark is decided by agreement of the EECC Board

Communication of Results

  • The Chair of the Standard Setting Group validates the final results and sends them to Education Team so the information may be disseminated to the National Societies
  • Each National Society shares the results with their respective candidates

Use of Results

  • Each National Society can choose to use the results of the EECC in the most appropriate way for their trainees

Annual Summary

  • An annual summary of each sitting of the EECC will be prepared and archived with ESC and UEMS-CS. These summary data will be kept for a minimum of 5 years