Elibility for the EECC is determined by individual National Cardiology Societies. If you want to sit the exam, you should contact your National Cardiology Society in the first instance to determine whether they are participating in the EECC and whether they support your application.


Costs for cardiology trainees are determined by individual National Cardiology Societies.

Delivery of the Exam
The EECC is delivered on-line.

  1. A valid photographic identity document is required
  2. The forename and surname provided for registration must be exactly the same as on your photographic identity documents
  3. No personal items will be allowed in the exam room (no water, no food…)
  4. Candidates will receive confirmation of their registration by e-mail (including exam date & time)
  5. Candidates must login to the exam system at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start of the exam and must follow the instructions of the proctor staff
  6. Candidates must report any problems during the exam to the proctor staff and raise a formal incident at the end of the exam. They should also report any problems to their National Society and the EECC

EECC Kick-off Meetings

EECC kick-off meetings are held during the ESC congress. They offer the opportunity to share feedback on the previous exam and to discuss details about the next. The President of the each National Cardiac Society taking part in theEECC , the National EECC board representatives and Exam Coordinators are invited to take part. Representative of National Cardiac Societies considering taking part in the EECC are also invited to facilitate the exchange of information about the exam.
The chairs and deputy chairs of the QWG, QSG and SSG will be present.