The Past

In Cardiology another joint venture between the scientific body, the ESC and the UEMS-CS, beyond EBAC, established in the 90th was the European Board of the Speciality in Cardiology – EBSC. It existed until 2008, when by request of the ESC was waived and UEMS-CS took over the responsibility alone to  transfer rules and programs via the UEMS to the EU-bodies, e.g. Chapter 6 regulations, the new Diploma of the European General Cardiologist, the internet platform (Eucardia) etc.

      ….Training in Cardiology in Europe – when it begun and were EBSC ended:

The European Cardiologist in 1996, Circulation were followed by „Training Guidelines“ published in the EHJ, commented by Michael Petch in 1999.

The final position especially the basic ideas for an E-Platform were presented by the Chairman Peter Mills  in front of the ESC Board in Dec. 2008 just prior finishing EBSC activities.
The actual situation in 2009 and a glimpse into the future of the Training in Cardiology was hold during the ESC Congress in Barcelona 2009

An overview about “Training and Education in Cardiology” was given by  Peter Mills in his responsibility as EBSC Chairmen in May 2010.

The General Rules of the “European Diploma in General Cardiology” were discussed and decided by the UEMS-CS in Cologne on March 17th2011.

The latest news on this field were presented by R. Griebenow during the Presidential Task Force in Paris in Dec. 2012  and also in front of the UEMS-Working Group Postgraduate Training in Brussels, May 2013