Organisational Structure

The UEMS-Cardiology Section will issue the European Diploma General Cardiology (EDGC) to all cardiologists (i.e. those holding a valid national license as a cardiologist) who, having concluded a satisfactory programme of training, are able to document using EUCARDIA that that they have acquired and maintained the necessary knowledge, skills and professionalism. The EDGC will first be issued at successful completion of training in cardiology (“trainee phase“) and will afterwards be open for renewal every 5 years for the rest of the lifelong working time as a cardiologist (“specialist phase“).

The assessment criteria for the EDGC are detailed in the Training Requirements for the Specialty of Cardiology (UEMS 2013/24). The Advisory Committee European Diploma will be responsible for all decisions regarding acceptance or rejection of applications submitted via EUCARDIA and any other issues related to the European Diploma.

In a transition phase the EDGC can be issued to qualified cardiologists from EU/EEA countries that can provide evidence equivalent to the precise specifications outlined in UEMS 2013/24. The transition phase criteria for trainees that sat the EEGC in 2014 or 2015 and have 1-2 years to go until gaining a national licence are:

Knowledge: a) summative KBA = passed the EEGC b) formative KBA: has worked on all chapters of the Core Curriculum (CC) prepared so far and implemented in ESCeL2 General Cardiology, as well as all subsequent chapters implemented in ESCeL2 General Cardiology during this time interval and gives proof that he/she has worked on a wide range of chapters of the Core Curriculum (e.g. relevant CME certificates, or program showing presentation on the topic by the trainee etc.)

Skills logbook: Has worked with the logbook for one year and has a confirmatory letter from a trainer that the list of procedural competences has been achieved
Professionalism: modified 360° appraisal (with trainer as appraiser) and evidence of satisfactory research, educational and other professional activities.

Advisory Committee European Diploma
Standard Setting Committee European Diploma