Union of the European Medical Specialists

The Union of the European Medical Specialists (UEMS) is the official Representation of all European Medical Specialists in Brussels and have close relationships to the different EU Organisations, via the European Council to the Health Ministers of the EU Countries, via the European Commission to the specific Commissioners and DGs and via the EU-Parliament to the EMPs and the specific Committees.

The UEMS currently represents 34 countries through their national associations of medical specialists. They all sit on the UEMS Council, which is the main decision-making body of the organization, with voting rights and  nominate the national delegates to the UEMS Sections.  

The UEMS represents more than 50 medical disciplines through various bodies and structures. The most important ones are the 39 Specialist Sections, among them the UEMS-Cardiology Section, which represent independently recognized specialties. 

Upcoming Event

Fr 15.Sep.2017

CCC 2016 "Assessement in CME / CPD" - Presentations and Slides available under ECSF soon