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Fr 23.Sep.2016
The Accredittaion Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) and the European Board for Accreditation in Cardiology (EBAC) have recognized each other's accreditation systems as substantially equivalent. This is the first mutual recognition of substantial equivalency between the ACCME and a CME accreditation system in Europe.
Do 22.Sep.2016
Despite the suspension of UEMS / EACCME agreement with EBAC, EBAC continues to accredit international European CME in the field of cardiovascular medicine.
Mo 22.Aug.2016
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Ed Chief Lampros Michalis, Joanina, GR
UEMS-Cardiology Section - the representation of all Cardiovascular Specialists in 28 EU / 2 EFTA-countries as ordinary members and of more than 17 Non-EU Countries and Organisations as extraordinary members (AEPC, European Junior Doctors, European Society of Hypertension, European Atherosclerosis Society).


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Fr 15.Sep.2017

CCC 2016 "Assessement in CME / CPD" - Presentations and Slides available under ECSF soon