UEMS-Cardiology Section - the representation of all Cardiovascular Specialists in 28 EU / 2 EFTA-countries as ordinary members and of more than 17 Non-EU Countries and Organisations as extraordinary members (AEPC, European Junior Doctors, European Society of Hypertension, European Atherosclerosis Society).

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Do 17.Mrz.2016
EUCARDIA® - the management and tracking tool for specialists and trainees in cardiology.
Mi 16.Mrz.2016
Continuing Cardiology Education (CCC)
Ed Chief Lampros Michalis, Joanina, GR
Di 19.Jan.2016
Journal of Continuing Cardiology Education

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Cologne Consensus Conference 2016

Assessments in accredited CME/CPD

Fr 16.Sep.2016

ESC Congress 2016

Sa 27.Aug.2016

Rom, Italy


Sa 27.Aug.2016

Executive Comittee and General Assembly - venue and date to be announced soon