„A sub-speciality in cardiology is a field of knowledge, skills,and procedures in a specific area of the speciality of cardiology that:
  • goes beyond the basic requirements of general cardiology
  • is proposed by the experts in the field (e.g. working groups or associations) to the EBSC and
  • must be approved by the EBSC.
  • EBSC itself informs the ESC and UEMS-CS of the decision. In case of conflict, an appeal can be forwarded to both the ESC and the UEMS-CS
  • follows the general cardiology speciality training and requires specific additional knowledge and training.”

A Task Force of the former EBSC, chaired by Jose Lopez-Sendon including several Associations of the ESC (EAE, EHRA, Nuclear Cardiology, EAPCI). All together published the Recommendations on sub-speciality accreditation in cardiology in the European Heart Journal 2007, which became a key paper on the field of Subspecialites.

The advantages and disadvantages of Subspecialties were one major topic of the ESC-UEMS-CS Joint Session during the ESC Congress 2012 in Munich