European Diploma General Cardiology

Based on the Principle of Subsidiarity, each country has the right to set their own regulations except for specific topics that are subject to general EU-wide regulations, called Directives, which can overrule national laws e.g. regulations relating to the free movement of professionals in the EU.

Currently with the heterogeneity of nations in the EU, and Europe in general, there are many different systems for medical training, CME and recertification. This applies to all specialties not just Cardiology. In Specialist Cardiology Training there are different schemata not only between countries, but also sometimes within countries.

This heterogeneous situation for cardiology specialist training opposes the EU goal for free movement for people, workers, patients and physicians. Harmonisation seems to be of utmost necessity to achieve an acceptable Europe-wide standard in Cardiology. It is accepted that this standard should be developed by European organisations, i.e. the UEMS-CS and the ESC. Such a program will be offered to the National authorities, e.g. Ministries of Health. This Europe-wide standard for training and practice as a specialist in Cardiology will underpin the European Diploma in General Cardiology (EDGC). The EDGC will be based of the UEMS document The Training Requirements for the Specialty of Cardiology and the ESC document Core Curriculum for the General Cardiologist.
Is the management platform for the EUROPEAN DIPLOMA GENERAL CARDIOLOGY
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