CME-Accreditation for all educational events in cardiovascular diseases

The European Board of Accreditation in Cardiology (EBAC) was founded in 2000 primarily as a joint venture between the UEMS-CS and the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) in Brussels under the ESC Presidents Lars Ryden and Maarten Simoons and the UEMS-CS President Heinz Weber. EBAC  will  stimulate,  coordinate  and  facilitate  high  quality  CME/CPD  in  cardiovascular medicine,  both  for  individuals  and  institutions,  in  order  to  provide  the  highest  possible standard  of  care  for  patients  and  populations.  EBAC  awards  CME  points  as  a  sign  of quality  and  independence  for  participation  in  CME/CPD  activities.  Definitions  of  learning objectives,  targeting  the  audience,  and  assuring  objectively  presented  scientific  content are  among  the  key  features  that  will  be  considered  by  EBAC  when  accrediting  a programme. EBAC works in accordance to the European Accreditation Council in CME (UEMS-EACCME, EACCME is responsible for all specialities and accredits only on a formal way, without any influence on the scientific CME-content on a National basis. EBAC is only responsible for the evaluation and accreditation of CME-programs, including international events, congresses, publications, digital programs etc. and uses a two-step approach: The formalistic approach, where the EBAC criteria will be evaluated and a scientific part, where 2 to 3 independent but trained Cardiologists will act as evaluators of the content and decide about the EBAC criteria.

  Due to the fact that the accreditor and the provider of any CME event should be completely independent the joint venture was disbanded in 2010 and the present structure established. Now EBAC became part of the legal entity ECSF of the UEMS-CS independent from the ESC.
For more and detailed information’s please use the EBAC-Website.