CCC 2016, 16th/17th Sept. 2016, Cologne

Preliminary Program

Sept. 16th

10.00 Welcome H.Weber

Chair: H. Weber, J. Hall

10.30 Introduction R. Griebenow
11.15 Assessment methods- how to make your choice   J. Neuser
12.15 – 1pm Lunch  

Needs assessment: are there needs common to all physicians?

Chair: E. Cohen, R. Griebenow

1.00 Interdisciplinary knowledge   C. Baethge
1.20 Refreshment or redundancy? M. Siedler
1.40   Refreshing attitude    B. Hagen
2.00 Potential for change   P. Loesche
2.20   General discussion  
2.50 - 3.30 Coffee break  

Chair: A. Qaseem, G. Ochs

3.30   Assessment of inter-professional CME   G. McMahon
4.15   Assessment of providers K. Regnier

Sept. 17th

Assessment of knowledge

Chair: K. Regnier, NN (ESC)

09.00 MCQ writing R. B. A. v.d. Brink 
09.30      European Exam General Cardiology J. Hall
10 CME in print media R. Griebenow
10.30   Accreditor’s comment K. Regnier
10.45   Coffee break  

Assessment of practical skills

 Chair: E. Fleck, L. Michalis

11.00   Angiography/simulation  W. Voelker
11.30   Echocardiography    F. Flachskampf
12.00   Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging M. Westwood
12.30   Accreditor’s comment J. Gea Guiral (EBAP)
12.45 -1.30 Lunch  

Evaluation of CME/CPD

Chair: P. Mills, K. Brösicke

1.30pm What is feasible?- the provider’s view  
Evaluation of mega events 
E. Pozniak
2.00             European Society of Cardiology (ESC) NN
2.30       American College of Cardiology (ACC) E. Cohen
3.00            European Respiratory Society (ERS)  NN
3 - 3.15   Accreditor’s comment   A. Tichelli (EBAH)
3.15 - 3.30 Coffee break  

Assessment and licensure

Chair: A. Tichelli, J. Gea Guiral

3.30   MOC Program RCPS (Canada) M. Warken
4.00  MOC Program
American Board for Internal Medicine
(ABIM) M. Bonilla
4.30      Panel discussion:
How do we identify potential for change?
Panelists: K. Regnier, NN (ESC), E. Cohen, NN (ERS/EBAP)
Moderators: R. Griebenow, NN

Conference Venue:

Marriott Hotel (walking distance to Cologne Main Station)
Johannisstraße 76-80
D - 50668 Cologne
Free registration via:


  1. Prof. Christopher Baethge, MD, PhD
    Editor-in-Chief, Section Science and CME,
    Deutsches Aerzteblatt (Journal of the German Medical Association) and Deutsches Aerzteblatt International, Cologne
  2. Marcie Bonilla
    Director, Program Operations
    American Board of Internal Medicine, Philadelphia
  3. Renee B. A. van den Brink, MD, PhD
    University Medical Center, Amsterdam
  4. Karin Broesicke
    Department for CME, Prevention and Public Health German Medical Association, Berlin
  5. Ellen L. Cohen, Cert. Ed., Dip. Ed., CHCP
    Director, Accreditation and Maintenance of Certification, Academic Affairs, Science, Education, Quality and Publications Division American College of Cardiology, Washington
  6. Prof. Frank A. Flachskampf, MD, PhD
    University Medical Center, Uppsala
  7. Prof. Eckart Fleck, MD, PhD
    German Cardiac Society, Duesseldorf/Berlin 
  8. Prof. J. Gea Guiral, MD
    Hospital del Mar, Barcelona
  9. Prof. Reinhard Griebenow, MD, PhD
    Head, Academy for Training and Education
    Chamber of Physicians North-Rhine, Duesseldorf
    Chairman, EBAC Advisory Committee, Cologne
  10. Bernd Hagen, DPhil
    Central Research Institute for Ambulatory Healthcare, Cologne
  11. Jim Hall, MD
    Vice-Chairman, ECSF Foundation Council, Cologne/Middlesbrough
  12. Julia Hoerster, MSc
    Vice-CEO, Association of German Ophthalmologists (BVA), Duesseldorf
  13. Peter Loesche, MD
    CEO, Academy for Training and Education
    Chamber of Physicians North-Rhine, Duesseldorf
  14. Graham McMahon, MD, MMSc
    President and CEO
    Accreditation Council for CME (ACCME), Chicago
  15. Prof. Lampros Michalis, MD, PhD
    Member, ECSF Board, Cologne/Ioannina
  16. Peter Mills, MD, BM, BcH (oxon), BsC, MA, FRCP
    Member, ECSF Board, Cologne/London 
  17. Prof. Juergen Neuser, MD, PhD, Dip Psy
  18. Mag. Guenther Ochs
    CEO, Austrian Academy of Physicians, Vienna
  19. Konstantinos Papoutsis, Dip Math
    CEO, German Cardiac Society, Duesseldorf
  20. Eugene Pozniak
    Siyemi Learning, Manchester
  21. Amir Qaseem, MD, PhD, MHA, FACP Vice-President, Clinical Policy
    American College of Physicians, Philadelphia
  22. Kate Regnier, MA, MBA
    Deputy Chief Executive and Chief Operating Officer,
    Accreditation Council for CME (ACCME), Chicago
  23. Prof. R. Schoenhuber, MD, PhD
  24. Martina Siedler
    Head ePublishing, Medicine/Psychology Journals Springer Verlag, Heidelberg
  25. Prof. Andre Tichelli, MD, PhD
    Clinic of Hematology, University Hospital Basel
  26. Prof. Wolfram Voelker, MD, PhD University Medical Center, Wuerzburg
  27. Mya Warken
    Team Lead, CPD Accreditation
    Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, Ottawa
  28. Prof. Heinz Weber, MD, PhD
    Chairman, ECSF Foundation Council, Cologne/ Vienna
    Mark Westwood, MD, MBBS, FRCP The London Chest Hospital, London