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Specialist Accreditation Committee in Cardiology (SACC)


‘Specialist Accreditation Committee in Cardiology’ (SACC) was activated during 2017. The UEMS-EACCME has set up a Specialist Accreditation Committee in Cardiology (SACC) in collaboration with the UEMS Section of Cardiology and the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) for the evaluation and accreditation of live educational events and e-learning materials. This Committee is made up of reviewers coming from both the UEMS Section and the ESC.
The procedure of accreditation is as follows:

Applications in the field of Cardiology will be submitted to EACCME® through the EACCME® portal. The EACCME® criteria for live and e-learning events will apply for the submission, Review and accreditation process and the EACCME® Office will be responsible for managing the process of submission, review and accreditation according to the following steps:

o The EACCME® Office will conduct the initial administrative review.

o The EACCME® Office will forward the application to the relevant National Accreditation Authority for reviewing the compliance of the application with National standards and regulations.

o The EACCME® Office will forward the application to the SACC. The specialist review will be conducted in collaboration between the ESC and the UEMS Section of Cardiology. For this purpose, a UEMS ESC Specialist Accreditation Committee in Cardiology (SACC) will be established that will be co Chaired by one Colleague appointed by the ESC Board and one by the UEMS Extended Executive Committee upon consultation with the UEMS Section of Cardiology.

The Co Chairs of the SACC will appoint 6 reviewers from the ESC and 6 from the UEMS Section of Cardiology who will be responsible for conducting the specialist review of the cardiology events submitted to EACCME. The Co-Chairs will be responsible for allocating the review to a specific reviewer taking into consideration: a) his/her expertise in the main topic(s) of the event under review, b)his/her availability ensuring at the same time that backup reviewer(s) will be available to ensure timely completion of the process.